Need to keep an eye on the business?

If you are using one of the world’s most advanced ERP systems, you can live your life and manage your business too!

Imagine being able to run your ERP system on your mobile device – even offline. Yes, you read correctly – with SYSPRO Espresso, any transaction made while working offline can be synchronized when you reconnect.

Unlike most other apps, you are free to customize Espresso without the help of a developer.  Customize the screens to show only the information relevant to you.

In a hurry – just need a quick glance? Using active tiles, you can quickly and easily see a graphical representation of the very latest data.  Also, because the app uses the device’s native capability, viewing your data as a graph is super-efficient.

Administrator’s concerns about security have already been catered for by the developers at SYSPRO, so you’ll have peace of mind on that front too.

Ahhhh…the the joy of push notifications…SYSPRO Espresso automates alerts via push notifications and connects the user directly back to the source of the data. 

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SYSPRO Espresso Mobile ERP Solution