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Who are Chefs with Compassion?

The name Chefs with Compassion says a lot, but it doesn’t say it all.
Chefs with Compassion is a collaboration of partners – individuals, companies, and organisations – who together rescue surplus food that would go to waste, donate it to kitchens where it is cooked, to feed the growing number of hungry people in food vulnerable areas.

Chefs with Compassion was launched in May 2020 as a not-for-profit company in response to the Covid-19 humanitarian crisis and aims to continue as long as needs can be met.

Visit Chefs with Compassion website here.

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How can you help?

Every small bit helps because you do you.

The list below reflects some of their urgent needs. If you think you have something to offer that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to submit your details on the form to contact one of our UPlift committee members. 


  • Supply of surplus food items
  • Packaging items
  • Utensils
  • Cooking Equipment

Transport and Logistics support would assist beneficiaries in that they would not have to incur the transport costs to collect the ingredients, and would give CWC the flexibility to respond to ad-hoc calls for collection.

Funding assistance to pay their volunteer cooks a stipend towards their transportation costs and would contribute towards the transport and food preparation costs the beneficiaries currently cover.

Larger premises to prepare and distribute the meals

Individual volunteers to offer a helping hand at their site preparing and distributing meals. Using a home or office premises to assist with cooking meals.


“At SYSPRO, we believe that the creation of sustainable solutions for the communities in which we operate will create a meaningful result. Aligned to our overall company vision, SYSPRO Africa, our customers, and our channel partners partnered with Chefs with Compassion to address the hunger crisis that currently prevails across our country. I am proud to say that together with our employees, customers, and partners, we are making a real-world impact.” Mark Wilson, CEO
“Developing a system for Chefs with Compassion was one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on in a long time. Not only do I have a great passion for web development but the freedom to design and build something for people who were extremely grateful for every single thing you did for them was the most rewarding. The idea that you indirectly helped people in need by giving a platform for these people to use in order for them to accomplish their goals was so heartwarming, I would most definitely do it all over again.” Charlene Barkhuizen
“As we venture further into this complex digital era, we become increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of the societies in which we operate, and the cause-and-effect forces at play. While there can be beauty in this complexity, we are mindful that it also poses significant challenges, not just for our customers, but for the people in the communities we serve. Because of this we are constantly working towards creating environments where people, systems and processes work together, for the betterment of not only our employees and the business, but also the communities in which we live and work.” Phil Duff, SYSPRO CEO